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I love drawing. And I've grown very comfortable through a lot of experiments with my styles until I've found what works for me. Where I am right now I've never felt more comfortable in what I'm producing.
That being said, my production rates have dropped drastically over the years.

I think in some ways it's because I'm more alone in my art than I've been in the past. There's less viewership here on DA, and I'm not in and IRL classes so I'm not physically surrounded by an environment that discusses and shares.

I come onto DA and there is SHIT LOADS of art. Just in some of the people I watch alone theres several posts a day! Even if they're not full pieces, there's sketch dumps. MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF BURRITOS! ... I mean sketches. How?? Where are these people finding all these ideas? Where are they finding the time to draw!?

Maybe I have the time, or could make the time, but every time I force myself to draw something it gets half finished, or just dosen't come out very good. The inspiration is gone in many aspects of my work. I still think about my OCs constently, and I still love to draw and paint, but (as with age and many other aspects of my life) the spark has left.

It's this vicious cycle. The community will come if you draw. People get page views/comments/discussion not per-say from the quality of their art, but rather the rate of their production.

I've never been the kind to produce multiple pieces a week, but when I see these people who produce shitloads without any visible effort, people who draw continually with nothing but art on their minds, who pass the time sketching... I feel like a lesser artist.

just saying is all.


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:bulletorange: KH:SoaD Meme - your line is: "I'm going to free the genie".... any time now....
:bulletorange: OC Malone - birds, scan, edit, submit. oy.. DONE!
:bulletorange: OC Bril
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